At the heart of Rhino Shield Exterior Ceramic Paint Coating is our pioneering use of ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems. Specifically, the use of ceramic microspheres. Invented in the 1940’s by NACA (the predecessor to NASA) as an outgrowth from the manufacturing of solid ceramic beads, ceramic microspheres are solid globes with rigid ceramic walls.  Because our microspheres are made from ceramics, they provide the benefit of high heat and UV ray resistance like all ceramic products.

A proprietary characteristic of Rhino Shield ceramic technology is the microspheres themselves. Frankly, not all ceramics are the same – we use the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rate, low thermal conductivity and consistent spherical shape. Since our microspheres are symmetrically shaped (all round) but irregular in size (they measure in density between 0.125 g/cc to .60 g/cc), they pack together extremely tightly when coated to a surface. Essentially, the smaller spheres pack the tight spaces between the larger spheres. As a result, more microspheres may be packed together to increase the thickness of Rhino Shield coating thus providing insulation benefits and coating durability.

In contrast, conventional paints utilize inexpensive mineral products as fillers such as calcium carbonate that are irregular in shape and size. These less expensive fillers cannot pack tightly to a wall and result in a dry thin coating. This ultimately leads to paint break down over time. Hence why you have to paint again and again. Of course, as we know paint manufacturers depend on this obsolescence to sell more paint.

Finally, our ceramic microspheres lower thermal conductivity and act as acoustic insulators. The ceramic formulation of the spheres reflects harmful solar UV rays resulting in a lower wall surface temperature. Rhino Shield’s independently tested high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is proof positive of Rhino Shield’s UV lower thermal conductivity. This leads to energy savings.

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Rhino Shield ceramic coating system is the wall coating product of the future and is the benchmark by which all new entrants are measured. So don’t settle for paint or an inexpensive imitation performance coating, choose Rhino Shield.