Redwood Exterior Paint Coating in Indianapolis

Redwood siding is a very beautiful and expensive choice for siding. Redwood is a softer wood that needs proper care since it can mar more easily than other woods. It can also absorb moisture and mold easily if not primed, sealed, and painted correctly. It can last a long time if it’s properly maintained.

For homeowners interested in a sustainable and attractive home exterior, redwood is an amazing choice for green living. This hardwood is strong and durable. Many homes with gorgeous redwood have the same siding for 30 years or more.

The Benefits of Painting Redwood

Whether you decide to use a clear finish that highlights the natural red tones of your wood siding or select a vibrant paint color, sealing redwood is essential. Why is painting redwood so important?

  • Beauty: Redwood has a lot of tannins, which can lead to staining over time. Careful sealing blocks these stains and gives your home long-lasting luxury.
  • Moisture protection: With professional sealing from Rhino Shield, redwood siding is impervious to moisture all year long. Your home exterior can resist rain, snow, and humidity like never before.
  • Maintenance: Like any natural wood, redwood normally requires upkeep every few years. When permanently sealing the wood using Rhino Shield, maintenance is a breeze.

Rhino Shield exterior ceramic paint coating completely bonds to and seals Redwood exterior homes and buildings. Let the experts at Rhino Shield protect and seal your Redwood home or building so you Never Paint Again!

The Painting Process for Redwood Siding

The painting process for redwood siding is complex because of the risk of stains. Here’s what you can expect when our team arrives:

  • Surface preparation: After cleaning exterior surfaces, we remove any old paint completely.
  • Repair: Following an inspection, our team repairs cracked siding or replaces damaged redwood.
  • Sanding: To leave the surface like new, we take the time to sand away any imperfections.
  • Cleaning: Deep scrubbing using special cleaning agents helps to prepare the redwood for excellent adhesion.
  • Priming: During the Rhino Shield application process, priming reaches deep into the wood to provide moisture protection from within.
  • Top Coat Application: The final step is to lock in all the benefits of your redwood siding using a permanent ceramic coating. Our results are guaranteed for 25 years!

For the best results when painting redwood, you need to contact professionals. We pay attention to every detail to ensure your home is completely protected for 25 years or more.

Redwood Painting Experts

At Rhino Shield, our exterior painting experts are legendary. Our commitment to exceptional quality, hard work, and 100% customer satisfaction make us the best choice for redwood painting. Make an appointment with our team right away.

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