Few home exteriors look better than stucco exteriors, and few can be as maintenance heavy.  This can lead to high repair bills over the life of your home exterior  Stucco cracks easily with age and does not handle moisture well if untreated.  Traditional exterior paint does little to help extend the life of stucco exteriors.

Stucco Repair in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK

Rhino Shield Elastomeric, Exterior Ceramic Paint offsets these high maintenance properties of stucco.

stucco paint repair Columbus OH

Rhino Shield coating is waterproof, breathable and will not crack or chip.  In addition, it comes with a 25 year transferable warranty!

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So if you are looking for Stucco Repair, or a new Paint Coating for your Tudor or Stucco Home in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, Rhino Shield of Oklahoma is your company to call.  Call us today at for a no cost, no obligation estimate or fill out our request an estimate online form.