Better Ingredients Make a Longer-Lasting Paint Coating for Your Exterior

Rhino Shield ingredients make it the best exterior paint coating in OK

Rhino Shield is simply the best exterior paint coating available for your home or commercial building in OK.  Compare the ingredients in Rhino Shield to traditional exterior paint below.

Rhino Shield differs from Traditional Paint because of:

  • Low Water Count
  • Resins and Urethane
  • Ceramic Microspheres

Better ingredients means better, longer-lasting protection from a superior exterior paint coating!

Elastomeric Paint Coating for Superior Longevity on Your Exterior

Rhino Shield is a proprietary elastomeric paint blend specially formulated to withstand the elements. Learn more about Elastomeric Paint Coatings.

elastomeric paint that protects from the elements


Ceramic Paint Coatings for Durable Exteriors

Ceramic Microspheres make Rhino Shield extremely durable for exterior protection. Learn more about ceramic coatings.

ceramic paint with ceramic microsphere layer

Comparison Factor

Rhino Shield


Expands/Contracts with Natural Wall Movement Best Subpar
Lowers Wall Surface Temperature Best Subpar
Reflects UV Rays Best Moderate
Resists Mold, Mildew, and Algae Best Moderate
Resists Salt Air Corrosion Best Subpar
Bridges Surface Hairline Cracks Best Good
Withstands Severe Wind and Rain Great Subpar

Rhino Shield is a Great Financial Investment

Compare the Cumulative Cost of Rhino Shield vs Regular Exterior Paint.  Break the painting cycle!

cost of rhino shield oklahoma vs regular paint

Rhino Shield Ceramic Paint Coating Details

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What is 5+5?

Rhino Shield's big benefit is your beautiful, maintenance-free exterior, backed with an incredible 25 Year Transferable Warranty.  Check out the rest of the benefits below, and call us today!

Frequent repainting is costly over time and an inconvenience. Rhino Shield coating saves on repainting costs while lowering your energy bills.
Rhino Shield exterior paint coating is backed by a written transferable, non-prorated warranty. Our systems have been strenuously tested by BASF labs and proven to last.
Avoiding frequent repainting reduces the amount of fossil fuels and materials used to manufacture typical latex paint. Rhino Shield products are also nontoxic, low odor, nonflammable, and contain low VOCs.
Rhino Shields transferable warranty is a home selling feature by putting future homeowners at ease to be essentially maintenance-free with the exterior.
Rhino Shield’s ceramic coatings reflect UV rays away from your home’s exterior thus reducing wall surface temperature and saving money over time on cooling costs.
Rhino Shield produces a luxurious and vibrant sheen once applied and, even better, looks great for years. It transforms a building’s exterior and can be tinted to any of 1,500 colors.
Rhino Shield helps protect from extreme elements. Rhino Shield: 1) helps provide water resistance for your home, 2) resists salt air corrosion, 3) provides high wind tolerance, and 4) helps resist mold, mildew and algae growth.

microspheresAt the heart of Rhino Shield Exterior Painting Contractors success is the incredible Rhino Shield exterior paint coating. It is our pioneering use of ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems that makes the difference on OK exteriors. Specifically, the use of ceramic microspheres. Invented in the 1940’s by NACA (the predecessor to NASA) as an outgrowth from the manufacturing of solid ceramic beads, ceramic microspheres are solid globes with rigid ceramic walls.  Because our microspheres are made from ceramic material, they provide the benefit of UV ray resistance!

A proprietary characteristic of Rhino Shield ceramic technology is the microspheres themselves. Not all ceramics are the same – we use the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rate, low thermal conductivity and consistent spherical shape. Since our microspheres are symmetrically shaped (all round) but irregular in size (they measure in density between 0.125 g/cc to .60 g/cc), they pack together extremely tightly when coated to a surface. Essentially, the smaller spheres pack the tight spaces between the larger spheres. As a result, more microspheres may be packed together to increase the thickness of Rhino Shield coating thus providing insulation benefits and coating durability.

Traditional exterior paints utilize inexpensive mineral products as fillers such as calcium carbonate that are irregular in shape and size. These less expensive fillers cannot pack tightly to a wall and result in a dry thin coating. This ultimately leads to paint break down over time and the painting cycle we should break!

Finally, our ceramic microspheres lower thermal conductivity and act as acoustic insulators. The ceramic formulation of the spheres reflects harmful solar UV rays resulting in a lower wall surface temperature. Rhino Shield’s independently tested high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is proof positive of Rhino Shield’s UV lower thermal conductivity - this leads to energy savings.

To learn more about ceramic microspheres, click here

Rhino Shield exterior paint coating system is the wall coating product of the future for Tulsa, OK City and all of OK exteriors and is the benchmark by which all new entrants are measured. So don’t settle for paint or an inexpensive imitation performance coating, choose Rhino Shield.


Paint Coating Testing is Key to Product Enhancement

Continual product development, research, and testing have been the cornerstones of Rhino Shield’s success over the years. Many top ASTM laboratories, including BASF, are utilized to test and verify the high performance characteristics of the Rhino Shield coating system. Rhino Shield must continually pass the industry’s most extreme internal thermal tests where substrates are coated with Rhino Shield and then exposed to subfreezing temperatures followed immediately by extreme heat and then subjected moisture. In addition to this extreme testing, Rhino Shield is subjected to extreme exterior exposure testing. After years of exposure to many different environments, our proprietary system remains durable and continues to perform.

At Rhino Shield, designing and testing is an on-going process. We are very proud of our testing results and believe the tests support our position as the ceramic coating leaders. Independent testing confirms our performance claims, and offers assurance to our customers that Rhino Shield will perform on their homes and businesses.

Some key performance characteristics include:

Test Test Number Result
Elongation ASTM D 624 398%
Fire Rating ASTM E 84-10b Class “A”
Solar Reflectance Index ASTM E 1980 106
Fungi ASTM G 21 No Growth
Algae No Growth
Tensile Strength ASTM 2370 377 lb/in²
Accelerated Weathering ASTM 4798 No Cracking or Checking
Tear Resistance ASTM D 624 133 lbf/inch
Salt Tolerance Independent 1-rating (1-16 Scale, 1=highest tolerance)


Full testing reports are available upon request and include the laboratory, dates, methodology, test description, and detailed results. As you evaluate competitor coating options, be sure to ask for and review their test data. We think you’ll find our test results invariably superior to what else you’ll find in the marketplace.

Choose Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Coating instead of traditional exterior paint, it's the best paint for your home or commercial building exterior!

Rhino Shield paint coating lasts